Our secure payment with SSL using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

What payment methods are accepted in the www.pellinishop.net website?

The payment must be made through the VISA or MASTERCARD curcuits (both debit and rechargeable), including Visa Electron.

You must provide data related to your credit card when you place your order. Your card is debited when the order is issued.

Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal.

When is money taken from my account?

Money is withdrawn when the order procedure has been successfully completed. In this regard, we will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of your order.

In case of payment through PayPal, the PayPal account will be charged upon your order.

What is my proof of purchase?

Your proof of purchase is the e-mail of delivery confirmation, which is very important. Print it for your records. Should the shipment be lost, or the product proved to be defective, you will need it  for warranty claim purposes.

Why was my payment not accepted?

If your payment is not accepted, there may be several reasons. Here are the most frequent ones:

  • The card and debit information do not match.
  • You have incorrectly entered the type of card, the card number, the issue number, the expiry date or the validity dates.
  • Your credit is not enough.
  • You have not entered the correct CVV security code (the CCV code is the three-digit number on the reverse side of the card next to the area with the signature).
  • Your card has expired. In this case you must enter your account and specify the new card information.
  • You entered an invalid or incomplete address (such as a PO Box).

How do I know if my data are protected?

:Do not worry, your data is protected. Your privacy and your security, in fact, for us are very important:

  • When you place an order we process it using a secure server that can encrypt your data before it is transmitted.
  • We abide by the laws on data protection and privacy. We take the necessary measures to ensure both the protection and inaccessibility of all data, including credit card information.
  • We process your registration and payment information in utmost confidentiality.
  • To prevent unauthorized access, your data is stored and used according to strict security procedures.
  • For more information on the collection and management of personal information methods, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
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