Our Story

Pellini SpA, was founded in 1974 and is based in Codogno, Northern Italy. It is a leader at international level in the field of sun shading solutions for interiors.

The ScreenLine® division designs and manufactures blinds to be integrated within double glazing units: the ScreenLine® patented system is based on the principle of magnetic transmission of motion, which keeps the hermetic conditions of the double glazing unit unchanged, thus protecting the blind from dust and wear & tear.

The Tende e Sistemi division, on the other hand, manufactures top-quality technical blinds that can be applied, among others, inside mount on all types of window frames (Light Series). 

Finally, the Pellini Nautica division designs and manufactures custom technical blinds that decorate the most beautiful yachts at international level. 

The strong demand coming from the market for an easy accessible tool allowing final users to source accessories to be applied on existing ScreenLine® blinds from a computer or mobile device, has led the company to develop this portal, which we hope can meet the users’ requirements in terms of both service and commercial offer.


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